Cancer registration following §65c SGB V

Common ADT/GEKID record format

Definition of record format 12.02.2014
Official publication 28.04.2014
History 12.02.2014

Site specific supplements for the common ADT/GEKID record format

Module colon/rectum Official publication 28.10.2015
Module mamma Official publication 28.10.2015
Module prostate Official publication 29.08.2017

Most recent files of the XML interface

Content Interface version Documents
Common ADT/GEKID record format Version 1.0.5

valid until 30. September 2018
XML scheme V1.0.5 - version history 29.04.2016
XML scheme V1.0.5 (xsd) 01.04.2016
XML scheme - chart (pdf) 29.04.2016
XML scheme - simple tree chart (txt) 29.04.2016
Description (German only) of XML scheme (pdf) 15.08.2014
Common ADT/GEKID record format

+ module colorectal cancer

+ module breast cancer

Version 2.0.0

Published on 1. April 2017

At the latest
from 1. January 2018
all §65c registries will be able
to accept and process
records in this format
XML scheme V2.0.0 - version history (pdf) 01.04.2017
XML scheme V2.0.0 (xsd) 01.04.2017
XML scheme - chart (pdf) 01.04.2017
XML scheme - simple tree chart (txt) 01.04.2017
Description (German only) of XML scheme (pdf) 01.04.2017
Differences to version 1.0.5 01.04.2017
Future updates Intended changes (German only) for future updates (pdf) 01.04.2017
Proof concept (German only) for inclusion of new variables (pdf) 31.01.2017
Update procedure (German only)
for Common ADT/GEKID record format (pdf) 31.01.2017
Update procedure (German only)
für XML scheme of Common ADT/GEKID record format (pdf) 31.01.2017
General topics Radiation target area list (German only) for XML scheme (pdf) 02.09.2014
Syntax to fill the annotation field (German only) (pdf)
Comments (German only) to feedback (pdf)


Questions about implementation of the XML scheme
M. Meyer 12.09.2017